But small businesses usually have small budgets, and cutting costs is a normal part of every workday. Each purchase is important and each piece of equipment needs to be useful, durable, and cost-effective. A small business owner needs to ask of each purchase, “Do I really need this? What will it do for my business, and does it fit into my budget?” Many owners ask this of label makers. Are they necessary for your business?

The answer to this question depends on what specific type of business you run and what activities a label printer would facilitate. If you would only need labels to mark files or storage items, hand-printed or typed labels that can be bought at any office supply store are perfectly sufficient. If, on the other hand, your business handles mailings and shipping or needs labels for files, CDs, DVDs, barcodes, or name badges on a regular basis, a label printer will save you time and money.

Label printers have a number of advantages for the small business owner. They create professional, high-quality labels that are essential for helping provide a polished image for your business. Many are equipped with built-in label cutters so you have clean edges each time, and they can help you label just about anything you could need. Various sizes and types of labels are easily available. In addition, they are compact and can easily fit on your desk or counter without taking up needed space.

The cost benefits are equally impressive: you can print only the number of labels that you need. For instance, if you need a name badge for a visitor, you simply print it without wasting a whole sheet. You do not have to have mailing or shipping labels printed professionally, which can save a tremendous amount of money. And because label printers are fast, you save time, which helps you get back to work sooner. Typically, you can print 50-70 labels per minute, depending on the text.

Another benefit is that label printers include software that is user-friendly and easy to install. With this, you can create customized labels with your choice of fonts, graphics, barcodes, and a host of logos, templates, and formatting options from which to choose. You connect to your PC with the included USB cable, and many label printers allow you to print from other devices, such as your computer.

You can easily incorporate (or even develop) your own company logo on each label. The branding opportunity here is great: add your logo and name to shipping labels, badges, address labels, and much more. This is great exposure for your business.

The cost of a label printer is relatively inexpensive, especially given the number of features and options they can provide to small business owners. What will it do for your business? It will easily handle all your labeling needs. Will it fit into your budget? Yes. This is exactly the type of purchase that benefits small businesses.

You can lower the cost of a label printer even further by purchasing ink refills or remanufactured toner cartridges. These items can be as much at 50-75% off the cost of name brand cartridges.

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