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Several years ago, Dell computers were on the top of the PC world. However, more recently, HP has really taken over and become the top dog in PC computers. Dell suffered from a lack of advancing technology, while HP left them in the dust. Dell also had issues with quality, as well as customer service. Meanwhile, HP has grown in size and popularity. This is in large part to their advanced technology, as well as their great customer service.

One of the main issues that has been reported in Dell computers is the lack of longevity. People do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a notebook computer, only to have to replace it in two years. While some Apple fans blame the windows operating system for these issues, it cannot be the sole issue, where HP computers have not suffered from this same brevity problem. Dell has also received some flack for lack of good customer service. This could stem from the fact that they received a lot of complaints about their computers and were unable to handle all of the calls.

Many people are drawn into the idea of getting a Dell because of the commercials featuring colorful computers and low prices. However, it is important not to be drawn into advertising and look at what you are really getting as far as the product goes. Many of the Dell laptops simply do not have enough memory or features that most people require and, although they may be less expensive than HP, you do get what you pay for.

Additionally, while the Dell computers have not changed too much in the past few years, the HP computers are advancing at a great pace. They have a number of features that you just cannot find on other computers. One of those is the Touch Smart technology, which actually makes the computer screen a touch screen. This is completely unheard of outside of the tablet market and its a great feature to have on a full working computer.

HP computers are also well known for having amazing displays. While this is not as important for some people, most computer users will love the large screens and beautiful graphics. It really makes the whole computer using process a real joyful experience. People who play video games especially love the HP experience because, in addition to the great graphics, the processor is very fast, allowing for uninterrupted game play that you cannot get on most systems.

HP also makes great printers, which is an important consideration when you are planning to print a lot of documents or pictures. HP’s touch screen technology also appears on some of the printers, which makes them much easier to use. The printers are also really great for printing photographs. That can save you a lot of money if you are currently printing a lot of pictures at in-store kiosks.

The ultimate decision between Dell and HP will come down to personal taste and needs. You do not want to spend money on features that you do not need, but you also do not want to scrimp and not get the computer that you truly want. Be sure to take your time and make the right decision for you and your family so that you are happy with your computer for a long time.

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