Many of the laser printers on the market today are amazingly quick and provide high quality prints each and every time.  Some of them can even be set up to be used wirelessly, making your printing tasks even easier to complete.  In order to continue along the path of having your laser printer complete its jobs at the highest level, you need to perform routine, yet simple, maintenance tasks on a regular basis.

The most important maintenance that you will need to do is to clean your laser printer.  It is not a difficult task, but you need to be diligent and do it at least once a month.  Failure to do so can cause dust or other foreign matter to build up and will be a disaster for your printer.  To clean it, you need to open it up and remove the toner cartridge and drum. Clean the interior rollers by using a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. A small brush or even a small attachment on your vacuum can also be used to remove the debris inside the paper tray and other interior surfaces. Another option is to use canned air, which is a great way to blow out dust. All surfaces and wires should be cleaned in order to keep it working properly.

When you are cleaning your printer, or at other times during its use, you may notice that certain parts are starting to wear down or not work properly. Be sure to replace any such problem parts as soon as you can in order to prevent it from permanently damaging the printer.  It is much cheaper to replace one roller when it is needed than to buy an entirely new printer when it fails to work because you have been using it repeatedly with a broken piece.

You also need to use high quality paper and high quality toner in order to maintain your printer.  While you may not think about this, it is an important consideration.  If you are running poor quality toner through the machine, it is likely to become damaged and the printer will suffer, not to mention the quality of your printings.  Likewise you should not be using any type of toner that is not recommended by the manufacturer.  Although you may find a discounted toner somewhere, make sure that it will work properly with your printer and not harm it.

If you do not use your printer often, consider printing a few test pages every few weeks, just to make sure that it is doing okay.  Like starting a car that is mostly idle during the winter, this procedure will make sure all the parts are still functioning and no debris has come in contact with any pertinent parts of the inner workings of the printer.  It is never a good idea to let your electronics go without use for too long, so you may want to use this “start up” procedure on other items you have that you do not use too much.

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