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Mac computers have won a lot of respect over the last decade and their popularity continues to grow as they change and improve. Currently there are two distinct types of Macbook that leave those looking for a new laptop with a great deal of decision-making in their laps.

The first is the Macbook Pro. This is a step off from the plain Jane, Macbook, which is a budget computer, priced at less than one thousand dollars and featuring a simple 13-inch screen. The Macbook Pro comes in a variety of sizes and set-ups, which makes it a great option for those who need (or want) a little more than what is offered by the budget-friendly version. The Pro is available with screen sizes from thirteen to seventeen inches. The smallest features a Core 2 duo processor, while options allow the buyer to upgrade to a Core i5 or Core i7 processor in larger screen models. A major selling point of this computer for many people is that it is truly transportable. It weighs in at less than six pounds and has a battery life of up to ten hours. That is more than three times the battery life of an average laptop. Yet, despite it being a lightweight, it does not skimp on features. The Macbook Pro can come with up to four gigabytes of RAM and up to five hundred gigabytes of storage space. Depending on the exact model selected, the user can be armed with up to three USB ports and one ExpressCard. The major determining factor for those choosing between models of the Macbook Pro is the price. These laptops range from twelve hundred to twenty-three hundred dollars before tax and extras.

On the other hand, the Macbook Air can be purchased for as little as one thousand dollars. It is ultra-thin when compared to a traditional Macbook, but cannot boast a better screen size. The Air is available in two sizes – 11-inch or 13-inch screens. Aside from weight, which is just three pounds for the smaller version, the Macbook Air is inferior to the Macbook Pro. For those who are on the go a lot, the lighter weight and smaller package can be the selling point and usually are. However, that will come at a price. As compared to the Macbook Pro, these models have less storage area, less battery life, and fail to offer the processor options. All Macbook Air models come with a Core 2 Duo processor, four gigabytes of RAM, two USB ports, and a battery with maximum life of five hours. The best storage option is two hundred fifty-six gigabytes compared to five hundred offered on the top Macbook Pro machines. Though the Core 2 Duo is more than sufficient, when running light applications, such as web browsers and Microsoft office programs, the difference between the Pro and Air models will be very noticeable when one attempts to run several applications at once.

If one did not care about budget, the better option, in most cases, would be the fully-loaded Macbook Pro, which would be the top computer on the market in most people’s opinion. But for those that are simply looking for a good machine that is easy to carry around and can perform simple tasks quickly, the Macbook Air is a great value at less than one thousand dollars before taxes and extras.

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