It seems like everywhere you look these days you see people working on little computers that you wouldn’t think would be a useful tool because of their compact size. But these small devices, which are called netbooks, pack a lot of power in their small stature. You can do a lot with a netbook. This article is intended to tell you all the options you have.

First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about finding a printer that will work with them. Netbooks are very compatible with HP’s full line of printers. So, no matter what you’re printing, whether you want a hard copy of a presentation you’re about to give or some boarding tickets you forgot at home, you can use any available HP printer with your netbook.

Printing is only one facet of the functions of a netbook. Here are some of the other things you can do with these devices:

Writing: Many people use netbooks, but some of the most prolific users of these little computers are avid writers, whether they are blog writers or those who prefer longer forms of writing. They carry them to coffee shops, book stores, or anywhere that offers free Wi-Fi. These writers prefer netbooks because of their size and weight. While they’re much heavier than notebooks and pens, they are a far easier tool. Think about how much simpler it is to write your stories or articles on a typewriter as opposed to notebook paper. If you mess up on a netbook, all you have to do is hit the backspace button. You’ll have to have plenty of erasers if you use the old-fashioned method. You can also store all of your writings in one place thanks to the netbook’s memory. You also have the option of storing these articles, reports, documents, poems, or whatever you write, on an external hard drive that will save memory space on your netbook. It’s also easier to print a hard copy of your writing that looks nice and professional with an HP printer. You can’t turn in a manuscript with a bunch of crossed out words on it.

Surfing the Internet and Staying Connected: Writers aren’t the only people who use netbooks. People who want to stay connected to friends, family, and coworkers while on the go are among the most common users of these little computers. You can surf the Internet, e-mail, and even IM people thanks to the netbooks’ wireless cards. With these tiny contraptions, you can get the Internet anywhere you go. You can even use a mouse and the built-in webcam to video conference.

Install New Software: You can add functionality to your netbook by adding software and other applications to these devices, although it all depends on the specifications of your particular netbook. There are many netbooks that have very fast processing speeds, which allow you to use the software faster than ever before while using many programs at the same time without slowing down your netbook’s speed. You’ll get high performance whether you’re trying to finish a report while on a video conference call with your coworkers in your office or you’re in the airport. You could also IM a friend while updating your status on social networking sites and researching the newest HP printer that’s most compatible with your particular netbook.

As you can see, there’s a world of possibilities open to you by simply using these lightweight, small devices. You’re not limited by wires or anything else for that matter.

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