Apple iMacIt is that time of year again when many people are looking for the best deals, the best values, and the biggest trends that technology has to offer. Computers are no exception. Whether buying for yourself, as a gift, or as a tool for your children, investing in a computer can be an overwhelming process. There are so many desktops on the market today that it almost makes it impossible to determine the best option for any given individual, but, that being said, this is an attempt to list the best values available today.

Apple iMac: If it’s been said once, then it will be said one hundred times.  There is rarely a list of best computers – whatever type they may be – that doesn’t find an Apple product in the first position. The Apple iMac desktop computer is absolutely no exception. While one might have to drop a little more cash to get their hands on an Apple computer, the price is often worth it. For one thing, this brand of computer is proven to last longer than other PCs on the market and requires far less care in the way of virus protection. This model – in its base version – comes equipped with a very impressive 21.5-inch screen and 1080p HD for great viewing. But, in case that isn’t quite clear enough, the consumer can opt to upgrade to a 27-inch screen. And, for those that really care most about speed, this desktop aims to please. Starting in its base form with a Core 2 Duo processor, this computer provides options leading up to the ultra-speedy Core i7 processor. To make sure that the computer keeps up with the user, this model comes pre-equipped with 4GB of memory, and for those that just need more, the top-of-the-line machine is equipped with 16 GB and storage up to 2TB. Just to put the icing on the cake, Apple presents the multi-touch mouse. Wireless by design, this sensor pad is less like a mouse and more like the screen of an iPad, reacting to touch in several different ways. The bad news? Expect to drop up to two thousand dollars for this impressive machine.

HP TouchSmart 600
: You’ve likely heard talk about the new line of web-surfing printers that require no computer hooked up to print directly from the web. Well, the very same manufacturer is turning out some very impressive desktop models that feature many of the same technologies as the new and trendy printers. Hulu, Twitter, Netflix, and more can all be yours with just a click thanks to the HP TouchSmart 600. This computer is integrated with the newest Hewlitt-Packard technology, which takes advantage of an App-like system and excellent audio components to ensure the user is provided ease, convenience, and the ultimate audio experience. You no longer have to rely on the mouse for access to your favorite programs. Now, the power is in your fingertip. Just pull your finger across the screen to scroll through the apps, click to pull the window up, and continue touching – as you would with a tablet – to find your online favorites. You can even hang this computer on the wall, making it highly convenient in small places. Aside from its overall speed, this computer brings everything it needs to make it an instant favorite for about fifteen hundred dollars.

Dell Studio XPS 8100: Finally, number three on this list is the Dell Studio XPS. This computer comes loaded even in its base state. The Intel Core i5 is super speedy at a great price and 3GB of standard RAM just adds to this computer’s likability, but if three megabytes is just too little, then the consumer is free to upgrade to a whopping 16GB. Similarly, the top-of-the-line model of this computer has a massive 1.5TB hard drive. The only real drawback of this computer is that it doesn’t come equipped with all of the components necessary to enjoy it for everything it has to offer. For instance, speakers must be bought separately – or as a member of a package deal – in order to enjoy the high quality sound offered by the system. But, aside from that, the 20-inch standard monitor is decent in size and offers great visual quality. All-in-all, this computer offers some great options at a competitive price.

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