If you’re made the decision to get a tattoo, it’s critical to find the most reputable shop in order to preserve your well-being and health after it’s all said and done. There are many shops out there that offer unique designs but that list whittles down after you factor in which tattoo shops follow all laws and regulations that are intended to keep people safe.

Here are some guidelines for selecting the right tattoo parlor for you.

1.    First things first, you’ll want to get inked by a shop that has its operation license. These are tattoo shops that have completed all the necessary training and, most likely, had to pass an exam about those safety guidelines. They also undergo routine checkups by health code inspectors in many states. You can always check with your state government to find out whether a particular shop abides by all of the regulations for tattooing.
2.    As soon as you walk into the studio, observe all of the equipment and the facility itself. The places you want to ink your skin are sanitized properly and organized in a good way. As soon as you see anything questionable being done, walk away immediately.

3.    Make sure the shop uses ink cups, gloves, needles, and ink that is used no more than once before being thrown away in the proper containers. These items are sold in sterile packages and should be opened in front of the client just before the tattoo artist begins.

Perhaps the biggest indicator of whether the tattoo shop you’re considering is good is whether the tattoo artists have quality tattoo supplies. Not only should they use sterile equipment, they should also use good quality supplies, especially the ink. Otherwise the tattoo may end up looking just like ink marks instead of pieces of artwork, which is what they are – art.

These days most people opt for colored ink for their tattoos, but there are some designs that work better with just black ink. Top tattoo shops will help you make the decision. Generally speaking, the tattoos that work best in black ink only are portraits, tribal, and old school designs.

Portraits are difficult to pull off. That’s why it’s so important to find a top artist who specializes in drawing a loved one’s portrait on your skin. If you have to have color in a portrait design, make sure it’s limited.
Tribal designs are much bolder when done only in black ink. A quality tattoo artist will discuss this with you. If you want a strong design, you need to use only black ink or else run the risk of confusing the design by using lots of colors.

Old school designs like anchors, nautical stars, hearts, and other designs you remember from your early days, can be done in colored ink but they won’t work very well. They look much better when kept in a single, bold ink like black.
While there are plenty of benefits for using black ink only on certain designs, there are many more advantages for using a quality tattoo shop. It’s one of the most important choices you’ll make because whatever design you get, whether it’s a black-only design or full of color, will be permanently emblazoned on your skin. You’ll want a quality design and a top notch artist to replicate the design.

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